I’m On Another Level…You Can’t Bring Me Down

Loving this song and how it speaks to my heart. I hope you’ll listen…feel the freedom in it’s lyrics like I do…and set your self free…then go out and live your life! Don’t let anyone or anything bring you down and keep you there…be a light…the world needs kindness and forgiveness.





Ash Wednesday…I spent my first night in a church in years…I was lost. I shut out all of the outside noise and opened my heart again to God…I have given my burdens, my pain and my everything over to him…I’ve lain them down at the cross.

As I begin to fill my life again with His beauty and love I cannot help but recognize the signs he’s given me…reminding me He is always with me…always guiding me…

This mornings sign…


Open your heart and let Him in

With so very much love for you,


Here’s To Wandering…To Capturing The Beauty That Surrounds Us…

Minnesota…it’s winters may be long and often times incredibly cold…still…there’s nothing like it’s beauty as you travel back roads…or even your own back yard!  Today I had to take a moment to capture this barn as I traveled to Long Prairie to see my parents.  The Duck, the robin and this old building are pictures captured in my own backyard!  It was a beautiful weekend to dust off my camera and explore.

Brave Girls Club

If you don’t subscribe I urge you to! It’s a beautiful beautiful place to grow and be inspired!

This is a Daily Truth from A Little Bird Told Me…

Dear Benevolent Warrior Soul,

Sometimes we’ve got to focus on becoming stronger rather than using all of our focus and energy to try to make things easier and rather than trying to make our trials come to an end. There are times in life that are not going to get easier for a good long while, there are difficulties in life that aren’t going to simply go away . . .so the alternative is to work up to the strength and endurance to meet those challenges.

And we can!

We can also cry and throw fits when it’s hard. We can give ourselves a few minutes a day to jump up and down with anger and grief before we’ve got to get back to the business of figuring things out and carrying on.

You are making it through, and you will keep making it through. 

And friend, just because things are difficult, it doesn’t mean we can’t smile and laugh and dance and create moments of sheer joy. This is the only way to make it sometimes! We can notice the beautiful little mercies that are all around us, we can take time to seek out the beauty that’s always there. We can appreciate the moments of happiness and comfort and rest. We can create moments in between the battles that are filled with laughter, fun and friendship. 

We don’t have to suffer so much, even when there is still a long road ahead. We can sing as we keep walking – we can even make up funny songs that make us laugh! We can put a little dance in our step. We can focus on the mercies that show up just in time to help us take the next step and show gratitude in beautiful and fun ways. 

We really can have good days inside of impossible situations. We really can find joy in the messes. We really can create beauty inside the bonfire that seems to be our life.

And that, my friend, is how you become a warrior of joy. You were born for this. You are doing so much better than you think you are doing . . . you are getting stronger and stronger every day. And your beauty is shining bright from inside of you because of it. You are a beautiful sight to behold. Thank you for being you. 

You are so very very loved.
melody ross