Soul Restoration

This is where the real work happens…if you don’t want to know why I am who I am and the painful truths about getting stronger and learning to love all of the broken pieces that brought me to today then Soul Restoration isn’t for you.  If you are here and you’ve been a part of my past you’ll have to know that this is where the truth will be published so that all of the women that come to visit my house can find strength in the knowledge that they are not alone and that they are the most beautiful creatures to walk this earth…they too will learn to begin again and love themselves.

With that being said…past…you should walk away now because you most likely won’t like what I have to say…if you stay here and simmer over what was and no longer is…that is on you…let it go and move away…you have no place here…this is MY place…and it is safe…and it is a gift that I’m going to share with the world…intimidation and anger will not change my Soul Restoration journey.