Becoming an Awakened Woman

If you never voice what’s breaking you to the people that are slaying you…how will they ever know? Your inability to speak your truth will never make the world a better place. Look at you, showing up, all keeping the peace-like, everyone elses peace…meanwhile, yours fades into a distant memory.

What will become of you if you repeat the same patterns, holding in your emotions, locking away your pain? When you’ve eaten your way through a thousand cupcakes, numbed yourself with your drug of choice, made yourself so small that you’ve become insignificant to the ones you ache to be loved and respected by? What will you do with your knowing…knowing you’ve become insignificant to yourself?

When you know that you’ve lost yourself, forsaking yourself to please others, find your knowing, bring her back into your heart…she is meant for life! A life made up of loving, peace, empathy, strength, courage, even pain and heartache…because this is all a part of living and you…you my precious wild flowers, are meant for living too!

It will be hard, the ones you’ve fed yourself to, they may punish you for your selfish choice to love yourself first. They don’t recognize you in your power. They may even hate you in your new place. Take ownership of your part in their suffering, you made the choice to give them all of you, without saving anything for yourself…when your back gets strong, when you walk away…acknowledge that you’ve changed. They will want the old you back. The silent one, who will never stand up or ask for anything, always pouring love into people that cannot be satiated. Once you’ve unleashed your wild, apologize for their pain, forgive them, forgive yourself, but do not stop standing tall. Do not stop using your voice. Walk away, walk toward yourself. Never stop, and never stop speaking your truth.



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