Grace in the Storm

God! Last week started out rough for me. I was an emotional wreck if I’m being completely honest. I cried, alot. I felt this wide range of emotions, they started with joy, then swung right into sorrow. But I kept up my daily gratitude’s. I looked at the bigger picture, I had to remember that this too shall pass.

Most importantly, I felt it. I felt the sadness, because it’s a sad time, and we’re allowed to feel these emotions, even if we are grateful each day, even if we know it will get better. And then I prayed, for strength, for mercy, for love, and understanding. And if I can’t understand I pray for grace, grace to see me through the sorrows.

I don’t miss going out…I miss my family. I miss my most cherished friendships. I miss the fellowship and community of church. I miss the idea of breaking bread with my loved ones on Thanksgiving…and then, the longing for those things begin to come into the light in new ways, creative COVID safe ways, and I am reminded, God is listening, He is good, the universe has us…it is okay to see the struggle, to feel the pain, but it is not for us to get lost in it. We are all struggling right now, be rare, be the love, be empathetic, be a light.

I love you…M


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