Be The Person You Were Meant To Be

Do not doubt it. I don’t live with regrets. I don’t look back on my life and think how unfair or unjust it’s been. I look back now and I am grateful for the lessons I’ve learned. I haven’t let another humans behavior damage my capacity to look lovingly at who I am becoming and my purpose here on earth.

It is with an open heart I look out at the world…and remember my story is but a chapter in the worlds book…we all have a story…a purpose…a life worth living.

Today my hope for you is simple. Remember who YOU are. Then love who you are. Work hard on YOU. So that you walk with purpose. You cannot be gentle with the world until you are gentle with yourself. In you…that is where you will find peace. The void can only be filled by you.

With love,


Fear He Is A Liar

Check out this video on YouTube:

Listen…please listen…believers believe…we all matter…

So much love wrapped around you…even on the darkest days…hold on…be strong…dig deep…take a breath…lean into grace.

Loving you on the journey my beautiful friends…holding you up and whispering in your ear…”you are not what fear tells you you are…”

You Are Not Broken

I love this…this is how I’m feeling today…

I’ve so long described myself as broken…and spent years trying to figure out how to “fix” or “repair” or “put back together”…

Over the last few weeks I’ve spent much time reflecting…but more than that I’ve spent time looking ahead…I don’t think “I” am broken….I believe I’ve traveled down broken roads…and all of them have taught me lessons…beautiful broken roads…even the darkest most treacherous roads have been navigated and survived…here I am! Living proof that you can come so close to the edge that your fear of dropping off the side brings you to your knees…and then you pray…waiting for your answers…thinking they’ll never be heard…until you Quiet the noise around you and listen…

So the roads yet to be traveled are where I turn my sights…the roads that brought me to today are now in the rear view mirror…it’s okay to look back if you need to in order to keep moving forward…but reverse isn’t even an option!

Taking my lessons and leaving the rest…mapping a course for healing and sharing my story with women that need strength from their Tribe…I am in love with every bruise I carry…battered is only a shining patina on my soul!

So much love for you and your journey,

Dear Old Life…I Will Never See You Again

Note to Self…and anyone else that may need it today…

Your old life will never disappear…but you don’t need to keep revisiting…were there beautiful moments that grew you…? Of course there were…moments that you can treasure without living in them over and over. Make room for new beautiful moments…they will show up just as you are meant to experience them.

Were there moments that were so tragic and ugly that you gasp and hold your breath…look over your shoulder…recheck the locks…? Yes…it’s sad…yes you can wish things turned out different…but move forward with grace. Let whatever it is that shrank you into someone you are not go…remember…there are people just like you that suffer within…you can say goodbye without hate…give lovingly by breaking free…get safe and then get out! They must make space for their healing. It’s their battle not yours. You are not God…you cannot heal someone else. Everyone’s life gets heavy sometimes…carry your heavy…not theirs.

Life happens. To all of us. Do not be fooled by the “perfect” you think exists and your “lack”. There are lessons to be learned from the beautiful moments just as there are lessons to be learned from the ugliness. Don’t weigh them out and see if you got more of one or the other. Just don’t…

Look at your old life one last time…remember the LESSONS…take a deep breath and embrace your journey forward…you must move forward…your peace depends on you.