If I Could Tell You One Thing…


We call our selves special needs parents…we are…well…parents just like you…However there are differences between who we are and those who might not fully understand our life experiences.  We all need to learn to live with grace.

I could make a list of the differences but I hesitate…because I don’t want to point out all of the things that make us different…not at all…what I really want to do is share this one simple truth with you and hope that you will look at the world with a new kind of knowing in your heart.

My one simple truth…until you close your eyes and open your heart you will never see the beauty that’s experienced when you are in the presence of a special needs child…or an adult for that matter.  Never.  Period.  If you only see the moment rather than the human standing before you then you will miss out on a magic that can only be felt by a heart that embraces all.  Surely you know that as a parent of a special needs child we get that the lack of a filter can make things uncomfortable for you…hell…you think it’s easy on our end?  Not so much!  But let’s not forget that unfiltered can have an incredible impact on the world sometimes…like the times that love, joy, and happiness comes pouring forth into the world without any holding back…a smile, a laugh, a hug…they come naturally…my words can’t fully explain it…you have to feel it for yourself.

Next time you look upon a moment with pity or embarrassment try something that’ll change your life…close your eyes…take a deep breath…and see…it’s a moment…we all have them…open your heart to experience so much more…you’ll never look back and wish you hadn’t…I promise ❤

Self Censoring

I am trying to figure out how you get from spending your entire life…and yes I mean entire…or at least as far back as you can remember…self censoring at your own expense…how do you get from there…to self editing…to saying out loud your hearts thoughts…to be right and true and from your soul authentic…to stop yourself from stopping…from silencing your own voice…because sure there are those who will grab hold of your silence to feed their own needing souls…yet ultimately…the choice is your own…bravely exploring how to do this without exploding a million words into the universe that have been locked up inside for far too long…because you can’t just pour it all out…that seems so unfair…to those around you that you’ve allowed to control your voice…after-all…you did allow it…becoming.jpg

It’s already 2017?

So…wait…what?  It’s already 2017?  What in the world happened to 2016?  I was just there a few short moments ago!  I had plans!  Dreams!  Goals set to achieve in 2016!  I’m not finished with you yet!  Well…I guess that I am…because there’s no going back right?  Now…time to focus on 2017.

You all know I’m done with resolutions.  In fact I’ve never really believed in making them…but I’ve ALWAYS followed the crowd so I’d do it…I’d get excited and vocal and gather my peeps to join the resolution movement…and then I’d get bored, discouraged or flat out lazy with my life and I’d fail…again…annually…Yay for the New Year right?!  Let’s toast to setting ourselves up to fail yet again!

Oooh…I sound so cynical…yulk!  That’s not my intent.  Actually I’m getting closer every year to the real me…and that in itself is a huge goal for me.  I have literally lived my life through the eyes of others until a few years ago when I started to realize I had no idea who I was or what I wanted to be “when I grew up…”  Hell I still don’t know what that perfect fit is…but I am starting to see that unless I stop being afraid of becoming…I will always only be attempting to become.

So…here we are…hello 2017!  Yup…you’re right…it’s already day 5!  But guess what…I haven’t been procrastinating about setting goals and intentions…I’ve actually been recovering from preparing for Christmas 2016! HA!  I took some steps in the direction of my dreams in 2016 and that filled up much of my summer and well into the rest of the year.  Now I have this little piece of paper that opens new doors for me.  Time to sit down and write down some goals-and a plan to reach them.

What do you think?  Would you like to join me?  I have a pretty little journal that my son gave me for Christmas.  I’m going to use it for goals, plans and ideas!  Won’t be perfect.  Won’t get done today.  Won’t be filled with other peoples ideas for my life either!  Today is day 5 of 2017…time to begin anew…time to set at least one goal and be okay with that…because that’s a start.

I hope that your 2017 is blessed beyond measure.  I hope 2017 finds you grateful for the gifts in your life…may we all recognize them and rejoice in them.  With that I’m sharing goal number one…wait!  I have two that I can rattle off without second thought because they are filled with intention…

  1.  Set goals and write them down-keep them with me everyday-remember how valuable they are to becoming.
  2. Read the bible-it is time to stop wondering and waiting for God to come to you-it is time to go to God with an open heart-to be grateful for each day he’s blessed me with…and to stop wasting it…it’s time to live the life He’s planned for me.fullsizerender

Words Hold Power

womenHere I go…thinking again!  Been working extremely hard at looking within before blaming anyone or anything for what’s happening in my life.  This morning I looked in the mirror and felt the slightest bit of okay with what I saw…well…okay…maybe not quite…but what I didn’t do is label what I saw…I just saw…me…?

That led to my over-thinking brain wondering why I didn’t immediately judge the woman looking back at me!?  What was changing?  Because I’ve reached out for help many times…and always failed to follow through.  So what then?  Am I actually learning to heal myself?  Wouldn’t that be something?! 🙂

Words…we let them define us…the ones we speak to ourselves…the ones we seek…the ones we hear from those we love and the world around us.  Words that I used to value SO SO much, well they seem to be losing their power over me!  I’d like to say I’m done with that nonsense but it’s a process…and I’m a slow learner! Just ask my mom & dad…they’ll tell ya!  HA

Here are some words that held great power over me…and the words I’m replacing them with:

Then:  You look so thin/skinny/pretty!  (This one was like magic elixir to my ears!  Especially hearing them from men.  It made me feel more confident, loved and recognized.  Desired and sexy.)

Now:  You always look so happy!  (YES!  Isn’t that what I’m working on?  I don’t need to be skinny to be loved or confident right?  And recognized?  Who needs that from an outside source once you figure out who you are…when you recognize yourself…and yourself is pretty amazing most days!  Sure there are days I slip into that old longing for admiration from someone but confidence comes from within.  It’s a feeling about yourself…not what you need from someone else.)

Then:  I get so jealous when I see you talking to other men!  (Yes!  You must love me more than anything and value you me as a person!  You must worry that you’ll lose me!)  Double up on the pathetic on this one…I haven’t always been wise 😉

Now:  I trust you!  Hall-the-freaking-lujah!!  Because if you are a trustworthy person that knows your self worth and the value of being honest and true…jealousy feels like crap!  It feels like you can see yourself but the other person is blind to your devotion…and guess what…that’s not YOUR problem!  It’s theirs!  Know your value…be trustworthy…that is staying true to you.

Then:  You always take care of everything! What would I do without you?  (Ugh…no words)

Now:  I respect you!  You are so strong!  (Yup…all along…all those years of taking care of and tending to…of getting up and showing up…One strong a** goddess right here!  And that strength earns respect!  All those years of self sacrifice were bringing you today!  WOOP WOOP!  You are a warrior princess that wears her crown over her heart!)

Then:  You always know how to make me happy!  (Of course I do…I would sacrifice everything so that you are happy.  It is my strongest attribute!  It is what I do…what I was born to do!  I am nothing unless you are happy!  I cannot be happy unless you first are happy!)

Now:  Happy looks fantastic on you!  (Yeah that’s right baby!  It’s time to start remembering that if you can’t begin within…if you are not happy…then you’ve got some work to do!  And don’t think for one minute that it’s someone else’s job to provide this elusive happiness you seek.  Nope!  No sir!  Not gonna happen!  You and you alone must figure out what in this world gives you joy, peace and utter contentment…another words…happiness!  You deserve the time it takes to figure that out…and then to go out and freaking make it happen!  Whatever it is…own it!  Rejoice in it…just take a deep breath and bask in it’s light & beauty…oh man that feels pretty stinkin’ great…am I right?  Just say yes!)

Gosh I could go on…I really could…I look back and think about all of the insignificant words or things that used to be so important to my survival and self esteem…wow…wasteful right?  But don’t look back with regret…regret would mean I didn’t learn…I didn’t grow…I didn’t need each and every moment and word at the time they happened or were uttered.  And that’s not true…everything happens as it should…when it should!  That’s why 50 is the new 30! (at least in my world!)  I’m fast approaching the big 5-0…time to step up the self love and explore new opportunities!  Time to take it back!  Time to work on self!

There are three precious words that hold space…and they need to be spread far and wide…our world needs love…love for all mankind…today my final words to you…

I love you

Have you tried it?

I used to always say yes to every new product that came out…no researching…nothing!  I just believed everything I heard!

These days I am more cautious.  I take a good hard look at who is telling me about this new product and then I Google the heck out of it 🙂  After much research I decided to buy a membership to Melaleuca.  I have heard so many good things and researched even more so I went for it.  After all…I pay my annual membership fee to Sams Club right?…why not an online shopping club with healthier products…even if they weren’t healthier…the idea of being able to shop online was VERY appealing to me…Walmart & Sams Club…while great places to shop tend to make me break out in hives at the thought of dealing with the crowds! lol  With comparable pricing…it was worth the $1 membership fee to see what it’s all about!

Anywho…I have to tell you about the shampoo and conditioner I bought about a month ago…I’m super impressed!  I have fragile hair…thin, fine and short!  The length and thickness come straight from my favorite salon in the form of extensions!  Extensions are expensive…VERY!  I work hard to take care of them and spend a lot on products to preserve their lifespan.  So I have to tell you…this shampoo and conditioner…I already know that I’ll add at least 6 months to the life of my extensions!  They feel amazing!  And my real hair is getting healthier every day!

I’m no scientist.  I can’t tell you what’s in it or why it’s working so well for me.  I’m just a gal that likes to try new products and if I hate them I’m going to tell you!  On the flip side…if I love them you’ll be the first to know!

Well that’s my little 200 word count share for today…if you want healthier hair (Bonus healthy extensions)  you’ve got to give this stuff a try!

Love…Mary Reinventing ❤

Link for all  you researches out there like me that just HAVE to know more!  http://www.melaleuca.com/marymcintyre




Who The Hell Am I?

At 48 years old I feel like I should know what I want for the rest of my life. I should know my favorite music…color…movie…I should have a plan! I should be able to dream a dream of my future self that resonates with who I am…But 48 years of being and doing what best suits the people you surround yourself with…well…who does that make you? People have called me selfish a few times in my life when I broke free from this cycle…I truly wanted to wash their mouths out with soap for forgetting the years of giving I gave them…but of course I didn’t…instead I allowed them to brow beat and belittle me and the person I am trying to become…but through it all…all I’ve ever wanted was to live…to have a dream to follow…to know myself and believe in my own self worth enough to figure out what my purpose is and dream a dream that’s mine…
I can honestly say I don’t have a clue! I know that I am good and kind and give love with an open heart. But who am I? What do I stand for? I want to have a dream to work towards…but I’ve no idea what I want! I know I want to be my own boss someday…but of what? It’s crazy to realize you have passion that know’s no limits…and yet have no idea what to pour it in to…feeling a little like a package of energy and light all wrapped up tight…ready to burst out and LIVE…but unable to because I can’t settle on a destination for my life… ❤

Journaling…For Food Junkies

Food junkie?  Nah…let’s be honest with ourselves today girl!  You eat so you don’t have to deal!  Hunger is not what drives you to over eat and you know it!  So the experts tell you to journal everything you eat for 14 days straight…you start out doing fab…until day 3…when you “forget” your journal at home…and then when you go back to it 4 days later to fill in the days you missed you “forget” all of the bad things you stuffed into your pie hole and wonder how come you can’t lose weight when your eating like a bird…?  Pshhha!  Foolish girl telling yourself lies…you self-sabotaging idiot!  Get a grip on your self and start small…start by just being honest with yourself about what you are eating…then start crossing some crap off your daily intake!

That’s my new way of thinking!  But rather than have a journal to write down each thing I eat I’ve stocked up on brightly colored post it notes!  For everything that goes in…there is a post it note for that!  And that post it will list the food I ate and what I was feeling when I ate it…My bedroom wall will be transformed into my “Food Truth Wall!”  I don’t think I’m trying to shame myself…I think I NEED to learn to see the reality of what’s happening…let the post it note journey begin 😉

PS…I’ll keep you posted!  BAH!!I eat

It is for all of us to change the world

change the worldI’m about to post some feelings that may not be in align with others beliefs…however I’m feeling the need to share…so I shall…if my post offends you or angers you I apologize in advance as my intention is not to stir the pot…but simply to share my deepest sympathies for the hurting…

*I am raising a son with special needs-He is the last of my children to leave the nest in the next few years…He sees the world thru the eyes of others and opinions of others as forming his own opinions based on facts is difficult for him-he believes all that he is told and all that he hears and sees in the media and the world around him

*As his mother I am raising my son to respect authority…to respect the law…to R-E-S-P-E-C-T……period! I refuse to raise my child to hate or judge others…He knows that there are laws and that policemen are here to protect us…and this job can be extremely dangerous…just as soldiers are sent out to protect us…all of these men and women risk their lives for us…our families…their families…

*My son needs to know that while we ALL make mistakes & bad choices nobody here on this earth has the right to kill another human being based on public opinion…there is no “reason” that I can share with him where there is a need to take an innocent person’s life to prove a point-He needs to know that human rights belong to ALL humans regardless of race or social status-that no matter the color of your skin or the amount of money in your bank account there are bad people and there are good people that come in all of these shades and economic places…and each and every one of us can only assume how we’d respond to a life or death situation

*I cannot assume to know the whole story in any of the recent events that have caused so much pain, loss and heartache in our country these days-I was not present as the events unfolded

*However I do know that there are far too many innocent lives being taken…I do not care what anyone else considers to be politically correct in regards to how to respond to all of this pain surrounding us…I ache for the loss that’s been suffered…for all…I ache for the fallen and the broken that are left behind…I long to embrace them in love…in empathy and kindness…to show them that their pain is our pain…that we will all try to change what is happening right now…so that our future has less hate…

*I will not stay silent in the face of hate…No matter the excuses being used to kill another human on this earth…there is no excuse…innocent lives are being lost…that’s fact…I try so hard to be PC…to not make waves or risk being torn down and trashed upon by people with different opinions…but the voice of those that cringe from the hate needs to be heard…

*In a world full of hate we all have a responsibility to each other…to share love and be love…to always…always…remember…

*Police officers protect us-we expect this of them…they face difficult choices every single day on the job-that job being to protect us…are there bad officers? I’m certain there are…but are they the majority? I certainly don’t believe that. Are there people of all races that are bad? Of course there are…are they the majority? Of course not…

*Today I sat for a moment in silence and said a prayer for all…I begged forgiveness for the hate that is so prevalent and the strength to continue to believe in the goodness still left in the world.

*I have never in my life given a second thought to another person’s race, religion, social status or partner choices…We are all in this together…we all want to have the freedom to be who we are and to feel safe in our world. We would not have our freedom if not for the sacrifice of so very many…and by God we wouldn’t have police officers out there protecting us every day if there weren’t brave men and women willing to do that for the greater good of us all. And until I breath my very last breath here on this earth…Which I believe is still beautiful and filled with great people…I will never stop teaching and showing my child that all human life is precious

We All Have a Story

Everyone has a story…not all of our stories are told. Outwardly people may appear strong and confident…but their sorrow and pain will betray them. Broken and vulnerable on the inside they will bleed pain — through their eyes, harsh words, or lifestyle’s you may not agree with.  They will carelessly stain those around them with their suffering…remember

…they are seeking love…and yet fear it’s vulnerability.  They want to be wrapped in arms that lift them up…yet never trust it could be true…remember to love them anyway.


Hold Space for this Love

Practice the kind of love that inspires more love…

Before you read any further…these are my rambling thoughts……driven by emotions I’ve been completely drowning in at times…not for just my own but for the world of children out there living with the broken pieces we’ve left them with…I read it on Facebook…it’s heartbreaking to me…I see it in the world around me…and I’m reminded to think about the bigger picture…the guilt is mine also…I was given the gift of being a step parent once…I made mistakes…ones I’m not proud of…Yet I know in my heart I loved with all that I am…there is an emptiness where she once held court in my heart…and I will forever be grateful for the love we shared and the memories I will always hold dear…

We all have a part to fulfill…we have to be stronger than our insecurities…our children NEED us…ALL of us…these are the words of a mother…no judgment or pointing fingers…simply words…and sometimes words need to pour out and be free…to make people think…to remind us all of the bigger picture…these are my words of love and hope…they may be incredibly way off base…but often times I’m the one to hold back my feelings…I visit Facebook…read of the turmoil here and keep silent…today seemed like a good day to let it out.

When someone is given the opportunity to be in a child’s life…a child that is not their own but their significant others from a previous relationship…is it really so hard to love that child…make them feel safe…wanted…a part of the family unit…loved simply because they ARE…not for how well they behave or love in return…How they respect you…?

God has given you a gift not many are blessed with…show Him how grateful you are that He chose you to be in this child’s life…this child is NOT “The Ex”…this child is THE most important mini human in your lovers life…a living breathing FEELING human just like you and I…this child has been through tough times already…one of their parents is missing much of the time, or at least in the capacity this child has come to know and be secure in…you are not there to replace anyone…the estranged parent is still their mom or their dad and loves them as always…however…you have a void to fill…one you can endure for the sake of your significant other…or one you can embrace and fill with love and renewed security…think for a moment the incredible power of your love…and what it will mean to this child someday…maybe not today…because right now this child is in turmoil…their lives have changed and change is hard for children sometimes…

So if they buck you…defy you or sass back to you…remember…they have lost trust in much…and it’s YOUR job to build it…nourish it…and bring it back to life…what an amazing thing for you to be able to say you’ve done…your heart will be fuller because you gave love and gentleness and support to this child…so yes…today may not be the day this child turns to you and says…”thank you”…”Thank you for all that you’ve sacrificed to have us in your life…thank you for loving me at my least loveable moments…thank you for taking me under your wing and being there for me when my other parent couldn’t…thank you for loving me and my parent enough to hold me close and make my life whole…I love you too…maybe not today…but someday they will…and when your heart feels that child’s arms around it…hold on to that…because that’s the kind of love that changes the world.