Shout Out To Those Showing Up!

Life teaches us lessons every day. Sometimes those lessons shake us to the core…but they are lessons. And lessons come from a power greater than ourselves. He’s telling us to pay attention.

I’ve heard men and women tell of how wonderful they are…that they are good and kind and loving…and then show something all together different by how they show up in the world.

So here’s my lesson for today…you won’t find me standing on a soapbox shouting to the world…”I am good! I am nice and I am kind and I am loving! I am a victim!” Not a chance! Do you know why? I don’t need to TELL you…I show up in the world every single day and SHOW you…because I’ve lived 50 years showing…you already know.

So here’s a virtual high five to all of you badasses out there shutting up and showing up! The world needs you to be the change!

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