Letting Go Of The Heavy

My story is filled with broken pieces, some pretty terrible choices and a whole lot of ugly truths. Many of the chapters are either still unwritten or don’t have a tittle. It’s okay though…I’m actually making a comeback! I am starting to learn to live as if my life matters as much as the lives of those I love…I’m starting to take action instead of wishing and waiting…I am beginning to forgive the past, not stress about the future…to live in THIS moment…in THIS day…the beautiful glorious days right here in the right now! Higher frequency!!

I am grateful…oh so very grateful…for my family, friends, animals, a home, my job, my therapist…for so very much…I thank the universe for showing me love.

So while some of my most beautiful chapters have yet to be written… today…this moment…this is where I belong. I hope that your journey is leading you home. We’re all holding hands and traveling together…and yet we all have to mind our own peace and happiness in order to spread that love.

Sending you love and courage and a freaking truckload of happy!!


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