Reinventing Beautiful

So let’s talk about dieting! Errr…no wait! Screw that! Let’s talk about life!! Real life and how you can start living that and stop always being on a diet! I’m guilty! Tried em all! Well most. Gained and lost so many times! Learned a lot about healthy eating. Not a damn thing about healthy living.

Until recently. It’s actually been a life long journey getting to today. Someday we can dig deeper but right now I just wanted to share a little tiny piece of my new found wisdom because…well just because I think it’s important! Too important not to speak it now and fill in the blanks as we travel together!

So here’s what’s happening…I am starting to fall in love…with myself!! I am healing and I am growing. I am discovering that loving yourself more isn’t selfish! In fact you cannot possibly love another human in the most healthiest of ways if you can’t at first embrace YOU! My God it’s so brilliant!!! I’m not completely there…the journey is incredibly long and the roads aren’t all paved but as I’ve started to care for myself…as I begin to direct that enormous love I’ve always put out to whoever was in my path that needed it the most…back to self…I’m starting to see the most powerful impact it’s having on me. Not just mentally either! Physically I feel more whole and strong…and lighter! What? I’m not on a single stinking diet! I just get up every morning with the intention to live each moment with grace and love for the world and for myself! Today I stepped on the scale and realized I’ve lost 19 pounds! Without dieting! Crazy right? Or is it?

Imagine yourself waking up living and feeling in each moment. It’s a different way of being in your own life! Do I have hard days, sadness and fear? Of course I do! But I don’t stay stuck in it! I am free to make choices that are good for me! And we’re not just talking food here! The picture is bigger!

What do you think? Worth trying? At the very least you’ll begin to see how truly extraordinary you are! And that my friends is Your higher powers gift to you! I have stopped trying to fit in and started learning to belong. Get your self love ❤️

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