If I Could Tell You One Thing…


We call our selves special needs parents…we are…well…parents just like you…However there are differences between who we are and those who might not fully understand our life experiences.  We all need to learn to live with grace.

I could make a list of the differences but I hesitate…because I don’t want to point out all of the things that make us different…not at all…what I really want to do is share this one simple truth with you and hope that you will look at the world with a new kind of knowing in your heart.

My one simple truth…until you close your eyes and open your heart you will never see the beauty that’s experienced when you are in the presence of a special needs child…or an adult for that matter.  Never.  Period.  If you only see the moment rather than the human standing before you then you will miss out on a magic that can only be felt by a heart that embraces all.  Surely you know that as a parent of a special needs child we get that the lack of a filter can make things uncomfortable for you…hell…you think it’s easy on our end?  Not so much!  But let’s not forget that unfiltered can have an incredible impact on the world sometimes…like the times that love, joy, and happiness comes pouring forth into the world without any holding back…a smile, a laugh, a hug…they come naturally…my words can’t fully explain it…you have to feel it for yourself.

Next time you look upon a moment with pity or embarrassment try something that’ll change your life…close your eyes…take a deep breath…and see…it’s a moment…we all have them…open your heart to experience so much more…you’ll never look back and wish you hadn’t…I promise ❤

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