It’s already 2017?

So…wait…what?  It’s already 2017?  What in the world happened to 2016?  I was just there a few short moments ago!  I had plans!  Dreams!  Goals set to achieve in 2016!  I’m not finished with you yet!  Well…I guess that I am…because there’s no going back right?  Now…time to focus on 2017.

You all know I’m done with resolutions.  In fact I’ve never really believed in making them…but I’ve ALWAYS followed the crowd so I’d do it…I’d get excited and vocal and gather my peeps to join the resolution movement…and then I’d get bored, discouraged or flat out lazy with my life and I’d fail…again…annually…Yay for the New Year right?!  Let’s toast to setting ourselves up to fail yet again!

Oooh…I sound so cynical…yulk!  That’s not my intent.  Actually I’m getting closer every year to the real me…and that in itself is a huge goal for me.  I have literally lived my life through the eyes of others until a few years ago when I started to realize I had no idea who I was or what I wanted to be “when I grew up…”  Hell I still don’t know what that perfect fit is…but I am starting to see that unless I stop being afraid of becoming…I will always only be attempting to become.

So…here we are…hello 2017!  Yup…you’re right…it’s already day 5!  But guess what…I haven’t been procrastinating about setting goals and intentions…I’ve actually been recovering from preparing for Christmas 2016! HA!  I took some steps in the direction of my dreams in 2016 and that filled up much of my summer and well into the rest of the year.  Now I have this little piece of paper that opens new doors for me.  Time to sit down and write down some goals-and a plan to reach them.

What do you think?  Would you like to join me?  I have a pretty little journal that my son gave me for Christmas.  I’m going to use it for goals, plans and ideas!  Won’t be perfect.  Won’t get done today.  Won’t be filled with other peoples ideas for my life either!  Today is day 5 of 2017…time to begin anew…time to set at least one goal and be okay with that…because that’s a start.

I hope that your 2017 is blessed beyond measure.  I hope 2017 finds you grateful for the gifts in your life…may we all recognize them and rejoice in them.  With that I’m sharing goal number one…wait!  I have two that I can rattle off without second thought because they are filled with intention…

  1.  Set goals and write them down-keep them with me everyday-remember how valuable they are to becoming.
  2. Read the bible-it is time to stop wondering and waiting for God to come to you-it is time to go to God with an open heart-to be grateful for each day he’s blessed me with…and to stop wasting it…it’s time to live the life He’s planned for me.fullsizerender

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