Have you tried it?

I used to always say yes to every new product that came out…no researching…nothing!  I just believed everything I heard!

These days I am more cautious.  I take a good hard look at who is telling me about this new product and then I Google the heck out of it 🙂  After much research I decided to buy a membership to Melaleuca.  I have heard so many good things and researched even more so I went for it.  After all…I pay my annual membership fee to Sams Club right?…why not an online shopping club with healthier products…even if they weren’t healthier…the idea of being able to shop online was VERY appealing to me…Walmart & Sams Club…while great places to shop tend to make me break out in hives at the thought of dealing with the crowds! lol  With comparable pricing…it was worth the $1 membership fee to see what it’s all about!

Anywho…I have to tell you about the shampoo and conditioner I bought about a month ago…I’m super impressed!  I have fragile hair…thin, fine and short!  The length and thickness come straight from my favorite salon in the form of extensions!  Extensions are expensive…VERY!  I work hard to take care of them and spend a lot on products to preserve their lifespan.  So I have to tell you…this shampoo and conditioner…I already know that I’ll add at least 6 months to the life of my extensions!  They feel amazing!  And my real hair is getting healthier every day!

I’m no scientist.  I can’t tell you what’s in it or why it’s working so well for me.  I’m just a gal that likes to try new products and if I hate them I’m going to tell you!  On the flip side…if I love them you’ll be the first to know!

Well that’s my little 200 word count share for today…if you want healthier hair (Bonus healthy extensions)  you’ve got to give this stuff a try!

Love…Mary Reinventing ❤

Link for all  you researches out there like me that just HAVE to know more!  http://www.melaleuca.com/marymcintyre





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