Journaling…For Food Junkies

Food junkie?  Nah…let’s be honest with ourselves today girl!  You eat so you don’t have to deal!  Hunger is not what drives you to over eat and you know it!  So the experts tell you to journal everything you eat for 14 days straight…you start out doing fab…until day 3…when you “forget” your journal at home…and then when you go back to it 4 days later to fill in the days you missed you “forget” all of the bad things you stuffed into your pie hole and wonder how come you can’t lose weight when your eating like a bird…?  Pshhha!  Foolish girl telling yourself lies…you self-sabotaging idiot!  Get a grip on your self and start small…start by just being honest with yourself about what you are eating…then start crossing some crap off your daily intake!

That’s my new way of thinking!  But rather than have a journal to write down each thing I eat I’ve stocked up on brightly colored post it notes!  For everything that goes in…there is a post it note for that!  And that post it will list the food I ate and what I was feeling when I ate it…My bedroom wall will be transformed into my “Food Truth Wall!”  I don’t think I’m trying to shame myself…I think I NEED to learn to see the reality of what’s happening…let the post it note journey begin 😉

PS…I’ll keep you posted!  BAH!!I eat


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