It is for all of us to change the world

change the worldI’m about to post some feelings that may not be in align with others beliefs…however I’m feeling the need to share…so I shall…if my post offends you or angers you I apologize in advance as my intention is not to stir the pot…but simply to share my deepest sympathies for the hurting…

*I am raising a son with special needs-He is the last of my children to leave the nest in the next few years…He sees the world thru the eyes of others and opinions of others as forming his own opinions based on facts is difficult for him-he believes all that he is told and all that he hears and sees in the media and the world around him

*As his mother I am raising my son to respect authority…to respect the law…to R-E-S-P-E-C-T……period! I refuse to raise my child to hate or judge others…He knows that there are laws and that policemen are here to protect us…and this job can be extremely dangerous…just as soldiers are sent out to protect us…all of these men and women risk their lives for us…our families…their families…

*My son needs to know that while we ALL make mistakes & bad choices nobody here on this earth has the right to kill another human being based on public opinion…there is no “reason” that I can share with him where there is a need to take an innocent person’s life to prove a point-He needs to know that human rights belong to ALL humans regardless of race or social status-that no matter the color of your skin or the amount of money in your bank account there are bad people and there are good people that come in all of these shades and economic places…and each and every one of us can only assume how we’d respond to a life or death situation

*I cannot assume to know the whole story in any of the recent events that have caused so much pain, loss and heartache in our country these days-I was not present as the events unfolded

*However I do know that there are far too many innocent lives being taken…I do not care what anyone else considers to be politically correct in regards to how to respond to all of this pain surrounding us…I ache for the loss that’s been suffered…for all…I ache for the fallen and the broken that are left behind…I long to embrace them in love…in empathy and kindness…to show them that their pain is our pain…that we will all try to change what is happening right now…so that our future has less hate…

*I will not stay silent in the face of hate…No matter the excuses being used to kill another human on this earth…there is no excuse…innocent lives are being lost…that’s fact…I try so hard to be PC…to not make waves or risk being torn down and trashed upon by people with different opinions…but the voice of those that cringe from the hate needs to be heard…

*In a world full of hate we all have a responsibility to each other…to share love and be love…to always…always…remember…

*Police officers protect us-we expect this of them…they face difficult choices every single day on the job-that job being to protect us…are there bad officers? I’m certain there are…but are they the majority? I certainly don’t believe that. Are there people of all races that are bad? Of course there are…are they the majority? Of course not…

*Today I sat for a moment in silence and said a prayer for all…I begged forgiveness for the hate that is so prevalent and the strength to continue to believe in the goodness still left in the world.

*I have never in my life given a second thought to another person’s race, religion, social status or partner choices…We are all in this together…we all want to have the freedom to be who we are and to feel safe in our world. We would not have our freedom if not for the sacrifice of so very many…and by God we wouldn’t have police officers out there protecting us every day if there weren’t brave men and women willing to do that for the greater good of us all. And until I breath my very last breath here on this earth…Which I believe is still beautiful and filled with great people…I will never stop teaching and showing my child that all human life is precious


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